A comprehensive range

With over 20,000 items in stock on a daily basis as well as specials and new product innovations, all available within 24 hours via our GC24-EXPRESS logistics service, the HTI GROUP supports reliable processes and ensures successful projects.

What’s more, in addition to our high-quality product portfolio, HTI customers benefit from the competent and individual support provided by our employees. As experts in their field and all-round service specialists, our staff is available to offer advice at any time.



The provision of drinking water supplies, service water, electricity, gas and modern telecommunications requires a high degree of qualification and specialization from all parties involved. The HTI Group offers the right pipework systems, valves and accessories for every construction project. Available immediately from renowned suppliers. We can assist in choosing the right products, taking due account of your interests in matters of safety, economy, quality and flexibility. We are widely trusted by public-sector clients (e.g. utility companies) and operators of private utility supply infrastructures for whom we provide a complete stockholding and logistics service.

Waste disposal

When it comes to waste disposal, protecting the environment is paramount. All of the relevant media must be disposed of ecologically, but also economically. The technical demands made on piping, linear drainage, trenching systems, infiltration pipe systems, manholes, oil and grease separators are correspondingly high.

What is installed today must continue to function tomorrow without technical defect, and comply with the relevant laws and standards. Our long-standing experience in this segment is one of HTI’s key competences. We offer an all-round service that includes advice and planning support.

Gardening and landscaping

Sophisticated gardening and landscaping is becoming increasingly important. Modern materials are now available, with sustainability and environmental protection playing a central role. The main focus in this segment is on parks and gardens, exterior features surrounding public buildings, industrial and commercial applications, open spaces, leisure areas and sports pitches as well as private grounds. HTI connects. Customers including gardening and landscaping companies, sports pitch builders and civil engineers, nurseries and horticulturalists are all benefiting from our services.

Urban green spaces of whatever kind are of inestimable value – in every respect. The green outdoors is becoming the living room of tomorrow as a place where a large part of life takes place. This is where we will in future build and maintain our social networks. Our goal is to inspire our customers’ enthusiasm with the right products to design public green spaces and gardens.

Storm water management

Industrial premises, in particular where large areas are developed and surfaces sealed, tend to accumulate large volumes of storm water. What’s the solution? One possibility is to treat and reuse the water. Rain water that is not required must either soak away or be directed into drains. Each property requires its own customized solution. HTI offers products covering the entire process: Products that will collect and absorb the water, clean and treat it, retain it or carry it away.


Sewage treatment technology

The disposal and treatment of effluent plays an important role in protecting the environment and keeping our lakes and rivers clean. Wastewater facilities, especially sewers, pipelines and wastewater treatment plants, generally represent the greatest assets of cities and towns. Thus it is all the more important that these facilities should be regularly inspected and maintained. To enable you to select the right products for the job, the HTI Group offers the necessary range including pipes, pipe connectors, valves, pumps and measurement and control systems.

Industrial engineering

Piping systems in a modern industrial context are extremely complex. A high degree of technical competence is called for. Irrespective of the application – whether you require pipes for process engineering and supply purposes, in the high or low pressure range, HTI can supply the right products for the job.

From cooling and process water to compressed air, sprinkler systems, energy lines, drinking water, heating, water treatment or filtration – every medium requires safe, economical pipe systems that are designed to suit the application along with suitable valves. The HTI range is exclusively comprised of products that offer the optimum combination of quality, safety and longevity.

Road building

Our mobile world needs functional traffic routes. HTI offers a wide range of goods designed for modern, safe and economical road building. These include products and solutions for pipe and manhole systems, linear and subsoil drainage systems, castings, geosynthetics as well as paving and curbs.

Broadband technology

The provision of high-speed Internet connections is one of the central tasks of public services. Area-wide broadband connections represent a decisive locational and competitive advantage in the digital age. The HTI Group offers you the benefit of years of experience, smart product solutions and system components as well as reliable logistics concepts to support the smooth implementation of broadband projects in the fields of telecommunications.

Renewable energy

Fossil fuels are finite and the Achilles heel of sustainable energy supplies. By contrast, new energy sources are playing a central role in combatting climate change, and increasingly represent an important milestone on the way to the energy transition 2.0. Biogas plants, geothermal systems and solar installations meanwhile account for a growing proportion of the energy required by businesses and residential users. HTI offers products that help to protect the environment and support pioneering energy supplies. 

Equipment & tools

To make the optimum use of construction materials, you need the right tools. The HTI GROUP carried an extensive range of hand tools, electrical tools and machinery, core drilling technology, cleaning equipment, workshop equipment, protective clothing, civil engineering and pipe working tools. Construction machinery, special tools and accessories from renowned manufacturers can be purchased or hired directly from HTI.